How to form and sustain New Habits!



“We first make our habits, and then our habits make us.” – John Dryden

Today we are talking about a very difficult topic, it is about forming new habits. Well, to be accurate it is about forming and sustaining new habits. Yet, this one thing if people know how to do it successfully it will make a whole new difference in their life. It could transform what they look like, what they earn, how they eat, how they exercise, how they spend, how they build their relationship and how they build their future.

Interesting? Lets continue. Before we begin I want you to mark important points in this book so that later it would come handy to revise, cos whatever is read once doesn’t always necessarily stay in the memory for long time.

The ice breaker to forming new habit is the very realization, the hunger to have a new habit. If that hunger isn’t there, forming a new habit would always be a dream or would be something half done. Take some time to identify that goal which is very important to you and write down what is that habit you want to start with and live with to help you achieve your goal, may be in short term or in long term. It could also be replacing an existing habit that is doing more of harm than doing good to you. Write it down. Then feel the need of doing it. Why do you want to form this habit. Your why will decide how long you are going to continue exercising your new habit. For instance for me, going for a jog is a habit I formed because I had put on huge weight and Doctor asked me to reduce it else I would be in trouble. Now, if you could see my picture I do not look that fat because I implemented my new habit. It wasnt easy, but as I made my resolve to do it I did it.

You may not restrict yourself to only one habit, if there are multiple new habits you want to form write them down but start working one at a time. Reason is if you start working on more than one habit at a time there is a chance that you may get overwhelmed and that would mean losing focus leading to a downward trail. Possibly prioritize the new habits and start with the top of the list.

Once this is clear the next step is to put it in a calendaring system. Include this habit lets say going for a jogging in the morning or writing a few pages for new book or reading a couple of chapters of a book every day, put them in your daily calendar. Allocate time to it. If morning doesnt suit put it in the evening but dont put it to do for a time when you would be exhausted after doing all other tasks. I prefer morning time.

Now, this is only half battle won. The next important thing to do is to visualize yourself doing that task every day very comfortably, with no pressure from within and externally. Sometimes people decicde to form new habits to make someone else happy. Doesnt work! If you feel good about doing something new then put it in your list. The visualization for 10 minutes of having in total control of that task has the power to activate your subconscious mind to create that ease and path when you actually do it the next day.

Initially you may consider setting alarm just to get you started. Later as you get used to it you wont need an external alarm, your internal system will trigger it for you. Till then use your mobile phone to set an alarm to wake you up for that task. Start with a fresh mind. Start small and expand. If you want to go for jogging and your goal is to ultimately run for marathon, start with a walk for a 1/2 hour or so and then gradually increment it after 2-3 days. Do it every day.

The next thing to do is to keep track of iterations. To successfully form a new habit you need a minumum of 21 iterations and a maximum of 90 iterations. The neurons would then build a solid path to make it automatic. If you miss out one day in between the counter re starts. Many people have breakdowns (Breakdown here is misisng the continuit). That is okay, do not blame yourself, call yourself a slug or get in to resistence mode. Just accept the miss and start over again. Starting over again just requires repeating what you did on the first day. No big deal! People have have successfully gone from Breakdowns to Breakthroughs just by taking that step and restarting.

Once you get the momentum, then it is almost automatic. Things start falling in place and when you master this skill you open up whole new possibilities of creating that future for yourself that which you never imagined before.

After completing the maximum iterations, you have formed a new habit. You can declare it. You can mark it off your list, spend some time enjoying the automatic flow and execution, then you could move on to the next habit in the list.

This way a path will be built in that will help you in achieving your goals one after another. This is the Secret that I share for you to have a deeply fulfilling life for yourself and for your loved ones. Good Luck.