How to persevere in an environment that is unfair?


One always feels neglected, pressured to work in an environment that is unfair to people or to some people. The word “Unfair” is relative and something that is unfair to someone could be fair to someone else. For instance, the caste reservation system in India may appeal to be unfair to those people who are tagged under General category of caste while those that belong to reserved class may term it as fair.

 Similarly, if there are policies in your organization that appear to be biased towards one section of the community or people one may consider himself/herself trapped at a wrong place. One may feel disadvantaged and this feeling may impact his/her growth & peace of mind. The severity of this feeling is higher than the bias in itself. A lot more damage the person would do to himself/herself than the discriminatory policy itself. By the way, sometimes it is worth re looking at the policy since it may be misunderstood and the whole concern may vaporize once you get clarification of its intent.

 Assuming there is something in your organization that you aren’t comfortable with, be it a policy issue or an environment issue, you have a choice to feel GOOD or to feel BAD about and torment yourself. Just think about this, in history, when the British ruled America or India or other countries, the native people would find themselves at disadvantage of being treated unfairly, being robbed of their wealth or being a slave to a system. If this was the feeling of an average American or an Indian and if it was to be overpowering then this feeling would have stopped many Indians and Americans from fighting for the freedom struggle. Freedom was possible only when masses of people uniting and leading a struggle for independence. People took action to resolve the situation.

Having an unfair environment around isn’t uncommon as historically it has always been there, however what a person does in this environment is crucial. If one looks around he would find a million instances of being treated unfairly or he would find people around who are the victims of being treated unfairly. Does one just sulk around with this feeling and go in withdrawal mode?


The answer could also be found in history. America has been flourishing in commerce, democracy post liberation because its people worked together for a change. Similarly, when there appears to be an unfair, judgmental environment everything that one has to do is to focus on his goals and objectives of life. Each day do one good thing that will bring in joy to self and to others. It is said that when one lets go of all the past hurt and forgives people he is set free in his mind to create new possibilities. It is like this, when the blackboard has been written in full by earlier teacher, for a new teacher there is no space to write on. To teach his subject he has to erase the earlier written text and write his matter on the blackboard. It is the same with erasing all the past hurts, resentments, judgments and starting new, afresh. Well, it isn’t easy particularly when we all have amygdala’s (a small portion of brain that functions to protect man’s existence). This amygdala will make everything possible to keep one in same state, a state of defiance, a state of be resistant. These states create a lot of stress, anxiety and take away power from the person. The slate needs to be cleared and hence forgiving a person of any past hurt, letting go of the resentment will clean it up. A clear mind will create infinite new possibilities, the possibilities of new opportunities, good health, good relationships, new hobbies, vacations, fulfillment & peace. Yet, many find it difficult to accomplish this state since they do not wish to let go the story that has been running in their mind for decades. Since, if they let go of the decade they wouldn’t have anything to blame for not taking any action. Yet, this is the only way to achieve total freedom and fulfillment. It is a matter of choosing new possibilities over the holding on to past hurts. The past is gone except that in mind it is still present and still you feel vulnerable though the event has elapsed long back. Clear mind of the cloud of the past and the present becomes richer and fuller while the future is full of new opportunities.

Perseverance in the face of obstacles is possible by clearing the past baggage. Considering that living in an environment that is challenging is also an advantage as living in this environment struggling to be what you want to be will transform you to a new person, one that is full of possibilities. It is better to change the eye lens than the object itself.


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