What does JK Rowling has that other Book writers do not?


“You might never fail on the scale I did, but some failure inlife is inevitable. It is impossible to live without failing at somethingunless you live so cautiously you might have well not as lived at all, in whichcase you fail by default.”
:::: -J. K. Rowling

J K Rowling has been the world’s richest book writers. She has been so successful that everyone wants to write about her. Many people wish to know about her success secrets. For them she shares her life story, about her passion, about the pain, about the joy, the failure all of it. Many people would like to know what exactly made the wheel of fortune spin for her.

 J K Rowling went through most miserable time when she wasn’t popular. Her parents had divorced and her mother was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. She later died of this disease. The pain of losing her mother was deep. Harry Potter’s character is shaped up from this feeling of grief and joy. Harry too had to lose his parents. In one of the scenes of Harry Potter where he is looking at the mirror and in it he sees his parents. He sees his mother cajoling him; this feeling can only be truly understood by those kids who lose their parents at an early age. The void in their life can only be felt by them. This void leaves a sense of emptiness and every time the kid meets success or failure, pain or joy, he turns to his lost parents for shelter. From this pain J K Rowling shaped up Harry, his experiences.

Joanne Rowling or J K Rowling said that the Harry Potter story came to her mind when she was travelling in a delayed train from Manchester to London. She was so shy that when she got this story in her mind, she couldn’t write it for she feared of asking for pen from someone. How someone who is that shy could possibly become the most famous author? How would she possibly market her book to millions of people when she couldn’t ask for a pen?

The secret is that she had a great idea. The idea was to make people dream. The idea to combine 2 worlds, one is real and other is fantasy.  Harry lost his parents and often saw them in mirror. He couldn’t get them back in his life but he could feel them to be around him.

Many of us live this dual life and the paradox of life is what J K Rowling projects through the character of Harry.

J K Rowling never biased this character. He never lived a perfect life. What he lived through are the experience of scuttle happiness and grief, reality and magic.

J K Rowling states that at the time when she wrote the Philosophers stone, she was working at the Amnesty international. She read the letters written by desperate families, friends of people who went missing. They were either imprisoned or executed for resisting the regimes of their country. The pain felt by J K Rowling, she transmuted it in her writings of the characters. The evil within humanity is casted in some of the characters of the Harry Potter story.  

J K Rowling at one point in her life was living on government grant, her marriage had failed and she didn’t know where the life is taking her to. By all standards she seemed to have failed in her life except one. She never gave up her dream. She never gave up writing story that she knew would change her future. She had an old type-writer and big idea.

When she took her book to the publishers, they rejected it. She gave the book to the little girl of the owner of Bloomsbury publisher. The girl liked it and wanted to read further. This was the turning point in JK’s life. The book was published and it caught the attention of people, the kids, the old, the young. It caught up like fire. Suddenly there was a huge demand for her books. To make long story short, she sold in total 400 million Harry Potter books.  

What makes J K Rowling so successful author?

J K Rowling lived the life of the character “Harry”. She felt the pain and the joy of his life.

J K Rowling at the background lived an obscure life. She wrote and re-wrote the story until the characters came out vividly real.

She had deep faith in her passion. When the whole world turned against it, she never reacted to it. She kept going. She took up ordinary job, yet she never stopped writing.

Failure did not deter her ambition, the ambition to rise above the obvious.

She was immensely focussed on writing story that will impact people’s lives.

It took her over 10 years from the day she started writing and the day her book was published. How did she survive during this period and still kept the flame of her desire burning?

The gift of imagination, was she gifted with it? No, she chose to imagine, she chose her environment. She lived next to cemetery. She liked to wander around the jungle. She truly believes that the jungle is full of wild wisdom; the jungle is a place where one feels vulnerable and supported at the same time.

Disclaimer: The author of the blog has compiled the information available from the net. It may not be the most accurate information, yet the intent is to provide best possible insight to writers about how to be successful from this story. The author of this blog does not intentionally or unintentionally wish to harm, impact of affect the feelings, values of people and of J K Rowling.


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